Webinar: IT Challenges for Remote Offices

ESG recently delivered its quarterly research webinar – with this one discussing the IT Challenges of Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) The top ROBO IT priorities are clear: Improve the end-user experience and bolster information security. A typical enterprise with 5,000 or more employees has an average of 394 physical locations. Many of these are remote … Read more

What I did last Summer

Do you remember when you were a kid, and during the first day of school, the teacher would ask you to write an essay on what you did over the summer? Looking back, I presume the teacher really wanted to get a sense of your writing skills, but also learn a little about you and … Read more

Jason joins ESG

Today, I begin my next adventure – as an “Analyst & Lab Engineer” for ESG, the Enterprise Strategy Group. For those that don’t know ESG, they are mostly known for their industry research and analysis of IT, particularly around Storage, Data Protection, Virtualization, Infrastructure Management, etc. I had known of and worked with ESG as … Read more

ESG reviews DPM 2010 appliance from i365

Don’t ya love it when some of your friends connect with your other friends – and you didn’t even know until they were already connected ?! Well – some of my friends at i365 make a very cool DPM appliance that combines DPM 2010 and i365’s EVAULT software to deliver “Best for Windows” and “Heterogeneous” … Read more