World Backup Day PSA: No one cares about (or relies upon) your data more than you do

Meme: Batman Slapping Robin -- It's Still Your Data !!

Happy #WorldBackupDay ! In COVID-times, we often hear about “the New Normal” to remind us that things won’t entirely go back to the way that they were. But for World Backup Day (WBD), I’d like to remind you of an “Old Normal” that has not changed – your data is still YOUR DATA. I’ve been in … Read more

Announcing the Data Protection Trends Report for 2021

Last week, Veeam published what we believe to be the largest independent research report on data protection ever. That’s a big claim, but if you look at most analysts’ reports, they typically survey 200 to 400 unbiased respondents; 300 is a sweet spot for regular research. Big reports might survey 600-800, maybe even 1,000 respondents. Veeam contracted … Read more

Why Kasten Matters to the Data Protection Industry – and to Veeam

This week, Veeam announced its purchase of Kasten. To appreciate the importance of that, you have to look back at how IT data protection cyclically evolves. The Data Protection (and IT) Evolutionary Cycle About every ten years, a few elements of IT history typically repeat themselves: PHASE 1: The production platform of choice for IT fundamentally and … Read more

The Economic Benefits of Cloud Data Management

To understand how to quantify Cloud Data Management, or in the broader sense of “modern data protection,” start with the basics. The economic benefits of “just” BACKUP include: Reducing lost work due to systems’ or storage failures (or cyber-attacks) which would otherwise require employees to recreate what was lost or corrupted Reducing fines and penalties associated with failure to … Read more

Data Protection Trends Report for 2020

Veeam recently published its Data Protection Trends Report for 2020. This report is a little different from what you’d expect from a data protection vendor: It’s an unbiased survey of 1,550 enterprises (greater than 1,000 employees each) from around the world. Veeam contracted with a third-party analyst firm to conduct the blind survey so that Veeam could … Read more