When you modernize production, you must modernize protection

We are starting a new six-week vlog series based on interpreting some industry research that I helped deliver prior to me joining Veeam last year. With thirty years in the data protection industry and the last seven as an industry analyst, I’m going to examine some concepts and research data, and hopefully make it actionable for you.

This week, we’re looking at why “Improving backup” is on most organization’s top ten IT spends within their data center strategies every year.

Said another way, if data centers were still running standalone SQL and Exchange on top of Windows Server 2003 R2 or 2008, no one would spend any money on backup, other than adding capacity. But as workloads change, legacy backup mechanisms and strategies become woefully inadequate. So, when you modernize production, you must modernize protection.

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Navigate the series:

  1. When you modernize production, you must modernize protection
  2. The race to zero downtime and data loss
  3. Ya gotta know what ya got
  4. The head and the heart have to agree
  5. The industry is adding, not “just” changing
  6. The hype of copy data management and secondary storage

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