The Good, Better, Best of Data Management (Video)

Data Management, meaning the maturation of data protection and data preservation that adds contextual insight based on the data and the enablement of re-use of the data for other purposes, is a journey that all of us are on – whether we know it or not.

  • Maybe you’re just trying to get “good” data protection and retention.
  • Maybe you’ve got “good” but are looking for “better” (and smarter) data preservation.
  • Or maybe you’ve got or are working through “better” but want the “best” – whereby you are not only doing data protection and preservation, but are unlocking new business value and usage scenarios for your otherwise dormant data (BC/DR, reporting/analytics, DevOps enablement, etc.) through what many in the industry now call “Copy Data Management.”

Check out where you are in this video – and what your next steps might be.

As the video stays:

There is a lot of warranted excitement and focus (as well as some hype) in the area of Copy Data Management; but make no mistake, the data protection landscape is forever changing as data protection and preservation become foundational elements of a broader data management strategy that not only keeps what you need and removes what you don’t, but also enables you to do more with the data that you have.

As always, thanks for watching.

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