Y Evolve Your Data Protection Strategy in 2017 (Video)

Y2017.jpegToday’s message is brought to you by the letter “Y” and the numbers “1” and “7.”

Most data protection conversations are evolving from “backup” to “recovery” – and to do that, you need to evolve from simply using backup mechanisms to a combination of backups, snapshots, and replicas. And some vendors are there (YAY)!

But then, many vendors, and providers, and partners, and IT teams get stuck at a crossroads – where their data protection strategy must further evolve down one of two paths, with very few vendors able to offer journeys down both long and winding roads: Data Management & Data Availability.

Here is a short video on Y and how your data protection technologies must evolve.

If you’re a vendor at the crossroads (or have chosen your path), let’s talk about which path you are taking!

If you’re an IT leader who is trying to craft a broader 2017 strategy than just “recoverability,” I’m here for you too.

As always, thanks for watching.

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