CommVault’s Future Just Became ‘Cloudy’ – In a Good Way

Today, CommVault announced four new offerings to take its Simpana platform to the clouds in two directions:

  • Backup to the Cloud – enhancing how the CommVault data protection platform can store data within public cloud storage from its Simpana software (via the new Cloud Replication option) or from a CommVault appliance (via the new Cloud Gateway add-on).
  • Leveraging the Cloud – enabling the VMs that have been protected to the cloud to be utilized for Disaster Recovery orTest/Dev purposes.

Each of the four new CommVault offerings that are underlined above tell part of the same story: there are many ways to leverage cloud services as part of a data protection strategy … and CommVault wants to ensure that its customers can use the cloud however it best makes sense in combination with Simpana.

Considering the ever tightening service level and availability requirements of IT today, ESG believes that D2D2C will continue to grow as a best practice topology for data protection: from the production disk to secondary disk (for fast recovery) to tertiary cloud (for offsite retention) – so giving Simpana software customers, as well as CommVault appliance customers, an easy add-on to leverage cloud within their existing solution makes sense. In fact, in ESG’s Data Protection Appliance research report, 88% of respondents stated that “cloud extensibility” was either important, very important, or critical to their data protection strategy.

Just as noteable is CommVault’s recognition that the cloud is more than a tertiary place to store copies of data – and in fact, storage+compute cloud services can enable additional value-creation scenarios, such as self-managed DR or test/dev. In fact, ESG’s 2015 IT Spending Intentions report shows that this year’s top three reported usage cases for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) are:

  1. Improving Data Backup
  2. Test/Development
  3. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Solutions like these add-ons from CommVault will likely continue to fortify these cloud-usage trends as easy ways to create new agility and unlock value from the cloud through hybrid data protection  architectures.

[Originally blogged via ESG’s Technical]

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