D2D2C is like 1 box of Legos and 2 manuals

Last year, I blogged that a modern “Data Protection Strategy” is more than just backup – instead including also snapshots, replication, archiving, etc.  (see also bit.ly/jbSpectrum1)

And while some would then call this a hybrid architecture, others prefer to think about “hybrid” as being disk plus tape or cloud.  If we dig into where those ideas meet, we’ll find that even with something as simple as “Disk to Disk to Cloud” as a way to first recover locally from disk and then extend that protection to a cloud-repository, every answer just brings up more questions. 

In fact, even D2D2C has at least two configurations – similar to having one box of Legos and two instruction manuals; meaning different ways to assemble the same pieces and end up with (at least) two very different results.

Here is a video of some of the questions that you should be asking – and my suggested ideas for coming up with what will best fit you.

[Originally posted on ESG’s Technical Optimist.com]

As always, thanks for watching.

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