vBlog: You Too Can be a Data Protection Super Hero

The awesome folks in the ESG Video team recently let me sit down and record a few podcasts that I will be releasing over the next few weeks. In this one, I started thinking about the challenges of midsized organizations and ensuring adequate data protection and recovery.

While enterprises often have experts that are ready to throw on their capes to save the day (or your data), midsized organizations IT heroics are often just in keeping things running without budgets, gear, or advanced specialty training. But you too can be a data protection “hero”:

Ok, it’s true – I never fully outgrew my love of superheroes; so yes, this is my favorite data protection video.  Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) has Willpower and a Power Ring. IT heroes should have a Data Protection plan and the right gear.

Thanks for watching.

[Originally posted on ESG’s Technical Optimist.com]

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