New BC/DR Infographic from ESG

Does Virtualization + Cloud = BC/DRYES!

In June 2013, ESG published its “Trends in Protecting Highly Virtualized Environments” report.

In September, ESG published its “Data Protection-as-a-Service Trends” report.

And for many people, when you virtualize your infrastructure (so that the servers are portable) and then you provide a cost-effective secondary location (the cloud) … you get BC/DR opportunities that were never there before!

So, in each of those ESG research projects, we asked a few BC/DR questions … and the nice folks in ESG’s production team were kind enough to compile some of my favorites into a single infographic.  (CLICK HERE)

The key data topics include:

  • BC/DR continues to be a high priority among IT organizations
  • BC/DR sites, current methods, planned methods and DRaaS considerations
  • How BC/DR is enabled and accelerated by virtualization and cloud solutions
  • How cloud-services are enhancing the frequency of DR testing
  • Why cloud-based data protection is gaining interest
  • And how Virtualization is enabling better BC/DR strategies

I’ve been a backup guy for 23 years, a virtualization dude since VMware 1.0 and used to be a Certified Business Continuity Planner – so these are some of my favorite topics to talk about.

I hope you get the same “Ah Ha” moments of coolness from the data that I did.  Enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading.

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