Cool High Availability Video from Symantec

Every IT guy has had a day when they wanted to take a sledgehammer to a server or maybe drop a whole rack from a tall building.  Admit it, we’ve all thought about it – but then, you’d have to rebuild everything and in the meantime, deal with the outage and all of the disgruntled users, and … and … and …

Speaking of frustration, have you ever wondered why your boss or coworker always seem to get to do cooler stuff than you do?

Well … those two notions crossed paths for me last week, when I found out that one of the other guys at ESG was going to hang out with Symantec when they threw a running server rack off of a building (really).  Here is the video:

So, a couple of serious lessons here:

Lesson 1 — Most of us plan for the easy stuff when it comes to availability or protection scenarios – but its not always the easy stuff that happens.  A server rack falling off a building may be crazy, but I’ve heard of friends in Colorado where deer walked in an office, freaked out and kicked a computer.  I’ve known of server rooms that were careful not to be directly under a bathroom on the floor above, but didn’t know about the water lines on the floor above that, etc.  Stuff happens.  Stuff you can not imagine – but that you can protect against.

Lesson 2 – If you are going to ignore the safety tape on the sidewalk, be sure to look up.

And Lesson 3 – (most importantly) The next time that your manager asks “Are you free next weekend?” … don’t be so quick to say no.

Thanks for watching … and Symantec, niiiiice job!

[Originally posted on ESG’s Technical]

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