Cool EMC Networker 8 video

While I was taking some time off last month, EMC announced NetWorker 8 – and one of the things that I caught up on was a neat video celebrating the legacy of NetWorker from 1988 through 2012.

Other than the fact that it highlights the evolution of NetWorker, including just about every feature that a backup solution ever thought of … and the camera work is cool … my favorite part is simply thinking through the evolutions and how much “backup” has changed.  I started backing up servers in 1990; so in many ways, this video is my personal career’s evolution, as well.

I am just putting the wraps on the latest ESG report on “Data Protection Modernization”, including deep-dives on where folks are heading with snapshots, replication, deduplication, virtualization-protection, cloud/tape and trends in changing ones’ current solution(s).  I imagine that twenty years from now, when someone is doing their ‘evolution video’ , all of those capabilities will be listed … just like all of the evolutions that NetWorker has matured through in its first 24 years.  Heck, that future evolution video might end up being another EMC video too – so I hope that I am around to see it.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the video … and congrats to EMC on 22+ years of backing stuff up and its release of NetWorker 8.

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