Sepaton announces 6.1 release

Sepaton_logoWith an architecture that is designed to scale-up (compute) its storage and dedupe controllers, separate from how it scales-out (capacity) is storage nodes, Sepaton markets itself as the only data protection solution that is designed solely for large enterprises.

Sepaton solution diagram

In its 6.1 release, Sepaton brings new options to Symantec owners, through its recent OST certification for supporting both A.I.R. and NetBackup Accelerator.

In addition, its new DB eXstream enables multiplexing of large databases – without breaking deduplication. Many dedupe methodologies break when working with multi-streamed DB sources, because the dedupe algorithms can’t discern common data.  In effect, parts of a database that were sent in stream-one on the first night might be sent through stream-three on the next night … and many dedupe mechanisms can’t figure out that the data is actually the same.

But according to Sepaton, their platform and its 6.1 release doesn’t have that issue.

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