HP announces StoreOnce Catalyst

This week at HP Discover 2012, HP announced StoreOnce Catalyst as a software accelerator (API toolset) that enables its HP StoreOnce backup appliances to achieve up to 100TB/hour in backups – and in restores, too! Along with support for HP’s own Data Protector 7 (also announced at Discover), the StoreOnce family supports Symantec NetBackup and will add Backup Exec within a few months.

Touting the next generation of deduplication methodology, and a unified deduplication methodology that enables data to be deduplicated at the source, the backup server or the storage – and then stay that way throughout the data protection infrastructure.

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What I think is interesting are the huge claims that HP is making around the performance of StoreOnce.  HP is known for being ‘conservative’ in its marketing, so to be so big on its claims, including comparisons with other established competitors is a big deal for them, and something that they likely had to do a lot of internal and external proof for before the HP legal folks would let them make the claims.  I likely won’t get a chance to play with one, since the large appliance and its competitors won’t fit in my home office, but it sure would have been fun.

Congrats to the HP Storage Team

ESG Video on Deduplication Trends

Inspired by all of the recent deduplication announcements during this trade show season, I recently recorded a short video on Trends in Duplication — not specific to HP or StoreOnce but using the “2.0” taxonomy.

As always, thanks for reading … and watching

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