Happy World Backup Day (early)

How are you celebrating World Backup Day?

You have it on your calendars for March 31 (Saturday), right?

Are you testing your Disaster Recovery solution over the weekend to ensure you can resume service? Remember, if it doesn’t get tested, then you don’t have a “DR Plan”, you have a “DR Hope”.

Are you rolling out the updates for your end-users’ mobile device backup solution through BaaS or in-house protection? That’s important since we know almost as much data lives uniquely on endpoint devices as exists in the datacenter (not including transactional apps). And of course, you’ve mastered the diversity of devices coming in via the trends in consumerization of IT or BYoD, right?

Or maybe, you are kicking it old-school?

  • You don’t have any unique data on your endpoint devices, because they just sync data from your datacenter/cloud-based repositories.
  • You are nearly fully virtualized, with the VMs, data sources, and supporting infrastructure replicated between two or more production data centers or private clouds to ensure resumption of service within your own environment.
  • And you rigorously test not only your ability to resume across sites, but with different IT personnel and without a planned window – that everyone doesn’t have the luxury to plan for.

Or maybe, just maybe – you just don’t have time for backups & BC/DR?

That is why there is a “World Backup Day”, as an excuse to restart the conversation at least once per year.

Frankly, you could argue that that is what Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day is about too. While you should likely be showing appreciation or credence to your parents all year, the day marks an excuse to do so in a more intentional way. Treat WBD that way – as an excuse to restart discussions or put a little special attention on something that really ought to be done every day – assessing your ability to ensure that your company and its users can keep doing what they need to do. And that means not just assuring of backups, but ensuring recoverability.

So, how will I be celebrating WBD?

I have a few new blog posts that I need to finish and post around backup. I have been dogfooding some data protection products and methods in my own home, and need to finish those posts and thank the nice folks who loaned me their technology. But to kick WBD off, I am moderating a @SyncSort #TweetJam on Wednesday at 1:30P (follow #backupjam) to listen in.

Happy World Backup Day (early) !!



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Attached is a cool infographic that the folks at World Backup Day put out.  It definitely gives you something to think about. 

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