Webinar: IT Challenges for Remote Offices

ESG recently delivered its quarterly research webinar – with this one discussing the IT Challenges of Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)

Enterprise Strategy Group

The top ROBO IT priorities are clear:

Improve the end-user experience and bolster information security.

A typical enterprise with 5,000 or more employees has an average of 394 physical locations. Many of these are remote and branch offices (ROBOs), which all require connectivity and secure access to corporate applications, data, and IT services. This has presented a perennial challenge to IT professionals everywhere as they look to provide a consistent user experience for ROBO employees while ensuring adequate data security and compliance and maximizing IT efficiency.

In this exclusive clients-only webinar, ESG senior analysts Bob Laliberte and Lauren Whitehouse present new research on current trends related to ROBO IT challenges and priorities, current and planned application delivery models, and how the usage of cloud computing services such as SaaS are shaping ROBO plans. Specific technologies covered in this webcast will include networking/WAN optimization, information security, server and storage infrastructure, as well as data protection strategies.

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