Video Interview on DPM 2012


First and Foremost – CONGRATS to my Microsoft friends for the recent release of the beta of System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 !!!

Its amazing for me to remember back to joining the DPM team as v1 was releasing – and now seeing what v4 has become.  I am really looking forward to hearing how the IT community enjoys DPM 2012.

For more on my perspectives of DPM 2012, check out my other DPM 2012 blog post from today. 

New Video

This video was pre-recorded with my good friend Matt Hester, while we were together at TechEd US 2011 in Atlanta, talking about what is coming in DPM 2012 and and my data protection book.


Matt Hester, Sr. IT Evangelist at Microsoft and Jason Buffington, (former) Sr. Technical Product Manager for System Center at Microsoft, discuss the latest Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM 2012).

They touch on the new additions to version 4 of DPM that IT Pros will like.

They also discuss Jason’s new book "Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers", that covers best practices on backing up.

Enjoy !!

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