Full House Poker – for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone

Xbox 360 Windows Phone

This is a great example why it is cool to have a phone that is integrated with Xbox Live – you can have a continuous gaming experience across devices!

Last night, the Marketplace released two games:FullHousePoker

Full House Poker for Xbox 360 (Live Arcade)

Full House Poker for Windows Phone

Okay, I might be a little bias because I enjoy Texas Hold’em … and because I am coincidentally going to Las Vegas next week (for work).  But I still think this is cool because as a gamer, I sometimes get started in a game at home (on my Xbox360) but then am travelling or otherwise not able to play at home, so I play on my phone.

No, this isn’t a completely unified experience, but it shows the potential – as some of the rewards and status earned in one game will be reflected in the other.

Here is the write-up on the game:

Test your Texas Hold ‘Em prowess in Standard Games and Tournaments against a variety of Full House Poker pros. Each pro has unique skills and weaknesses, so watch them closely to learn how to take them down. Earn experience and level up to unlock cool ways to customize your poker experience.

Reap the rewards of your poker play on both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360. Build up your bankroll on your phone, and you’ll have that stack of chips waiting for you the next time you play Full House Poker on Xbox 360. Level up on Xbox 360, and get the respect you’ve earned the next time you play on your phone. Levels, XP, chips, stats, and unlockables are all shared across both devices.

It’s Full House Poker on Windows Phone 7. So let’s deal the cards already!

(Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 versions of Full House Poker sold separately.)

I’ve already downloaded it for my Windows Phone and will be trying out the Xbox 360 version tonight.   So, if you see me working on my phone next week at the Microsoft Management Summit, don’t assume I am doing email.

As always, thanks for reading.

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