ESG reviews DPM 2010 appliance from i365

Don’t ya love it when some of your friends connect with your other friends – and you didn’t even know until they were already connected ?!

Well – some of my friends at i365 make a very cool DPM appliance that combines DPM 2010 and i365’s EVAULT software to deliver “Best for Windows” and “Heterogeneous” backup, respectively.   And the i365 solution is delivered in pre-configured appliances that are designed for midsized businesses – and can even replicate to the cloud for DR.  Check out my last i365 blog post.

i365 EVault appliance - featuring DPM 2010

Well – the folks from i365 loaned one of their appliances to some folks at ESG.   Some of the Backup-industry analysts that I respect most (Lauren Whitehouse and David Chapa) are at ESG, so I always listen intently when ESG is looking at backup trends and technologies.

Here is part of the punchline from the ESG Lab Review of i365’s DPM appliance:

When ESG asked users to name their priorities for data protection investment in 2010, the top four responses were: improving disaster recovery capabilities, backup of virtual server environments, improving application backup, and desktop/laptop backup and recovery. EVault for DPM provides the capability to address all of these needs for small to mid-size customers.

Check out the ESG Lab Review of the i365 DPM appliance.

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