TechEd Europe – so far


What an amazing week so far!  In the past three months, I have had the immense privilege of joining the OpsMgr family, including not only a phenomenal product group, but also a very active and passionate community of MVPs and SMEs, as well as great customers of all sizes.  This week, the thrills continued as OpsMgr and the rest of System Center had some great moments in Berlin.  Here are a few of my favorite new memories so far:

In Brad Anderson’s keynote, System Center showed up three times – twice using technologies that are I am honored to be a small part of:

Sr. Director of Product Management, Greg Jensen, showed SC Virtual Machine Manager 2012 CTP:

Greg, showing VMM 2012 from the main stage

The Windows Azure team showed the new Azure Management Pack for Operations Manager:

The new Azure MP - shown by the Azure team

And Vlad Joanovic from the Operations Manager team showed our newly acquired AVIcode technology:

Vlad, showing AVIcode on the main stage

That was Monday.  On Tuesday, we started the day with Ryan O’Hara’s track kickoff for Datacenter management, where I had the chance to show a little more AVIcode – and give the first viewing of Operations Manager 2012 !!!


Later on Tuesday, Justin Incarnato and Vlad gave a full hour-overview of some of the big things coming in Operations Manager 2012 (OpsMgr 2012):

Justin, talking about OM12's goals

Vlad, showing OM12's new ideas

Yes, we will be working towards giving this information out to the rest of the public, but someone had to be first – and that is part of the fun of TechEd.

What a great 24 hours – and we have three more days of good stuff planned for OpsMgr folks !!

As always, thanks for reading !

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