Thinking of building a DPM Appliance? Check out what the Moose did


One of the most exciting things for me to see is when partners start building service and product offerings around the products that I am blessed to manage.  Having come from a reseller/integrator background before joining data protection vendors, I am always particularly excited when a regional partner makes such a commitment.  This is the case for my new friends from the Moose Logic Team:


I must also admit that I am envious that they snatched up the domain name.  Nice find, fellas !!

The folks at Moose have got a great grasp of System Center Data Protection Manager and have done what I hope other regional SME’s do – they packaged DPM within an appliance so that customers don’t have to think about what kind of hardware to run their new DPM 2010 software on.  They can just order one item (based on production data size) and find confidence that the experts have already done the rest. 

MooseSentry-DPM appliance

It is a cool site and I especially like their “How it Works” page which talks about how DPM replicates data.  It is based (in part) on a podcast that I did a few years ago DPM 2007 SP1 — How does DPM really work.

And of course, partners like this often have a partner of their own within Microsoft.  In this case, I must give a hat tip to Rahul Jacob, a Microsoft Partner Technology Consultant.  PTC’s like Rahul spend all day helping Microsoft partners understand our newest technologies, so that they can start bringing offerings like this DPM appliance to their customers.  This is a great example of a good partnering. 

Rahul is also active within our System Center Influencers community of customers and partners, which is a good place to make these connections.


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