DPM 2010 datasheets

SysCnt-DPM2010 logoOne of the coolest parts of my job is actually seeing materials go from ‘inside my head’ to ‘microsoft.com’ — though there are a few steps along the way.  🙂

Here are 5 new datasheets describing different capabilities within DPM 2010:SQL Server logo

Product Overview of DPM 2010

How to Protect Microsoft SQL Server with DPM 2010 Exchange logo

How to Protect Microsoft Exchange with DPM 2010

How to Protect Microsoft SharePoint with DPM 2010SharePoint logo

How to Protect Windows Clients with DPM 2010

Respective whitepapers for each of these are also coming to microsoft.com/DPM …Windows7_logo

But hopefully, these will get you started on understanding how DPM 2010 fits in your environment.

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