Learn about DPM 2010 protecting data to the Iron Mountain cloud


In May, I am happy to hang out with my friends from Iron Mountain in two events:

Tomorrow, May 20, I will be at the Minneapolis Iron Mountain facility.  Similar to last month, when I went spoke at their Chicago event (see blog post DPM in Chicago), we will be talking about DPM 2010 and IRM’s CloudRecovery offering. 

If you are a DPM customer in Minneapolis, ping me or tweet me @JBuff – to maybe meet for coffee.

Tape Vaulting

I have been in data protection, backup, and disaster recovery for nearly 20 years, but had never been to an IRM facility before.  This truly opened my eyes and changed some of my presumptions about tape vaulting.  The IRM process and procedures were really interesting.  I have certainly met some other folks out there that I wouldn’t trust with a roll of cellophane tape, much less with tapes that are magnetically encoded and hold my computer data, but the IRM folks really seem have it down.  

If an IRM person offers to take you on a tour of a facility, GO !!   It’ll be cool ! 

D2D2T and D2D2C

That being said, one of my primary passion areas for over a decade has been around electronically replicating data between sites, instead of (or perhaps in addition to) moving tapes around – so I am always excited to talk about the CloudRecovery service offering that Iron Mountain offers.  So, we are doing a webcast, as well.


Iron Mountain CloudRecovery DPMOn May 26 at 11AM Pacific, I will be partnering with Redmond Magazine and Iron Mountain Digital for a webcast around Cloud, Tape, Hybrid? 2010 Best Practices.

As organizations are increasingly relying on non-tape based backup solutions, some are looking further into adopting cloud solutions to enhance their backups and streamline their disaster recovery operations. This hybrid approach is growing in adoption, as it combines the best of both options — on-premises data protection with secure offsite cloud storage.

This webcast explores best practices for offsite and on-premise protection of your data that will enable you to reduce costs and mitigate risk.  Join this webinar and learn:

  • Best practices for offsite data protection
  • How a hybrid data protection solution manages cost and risk
  • How Microsoft DPM can protect your data efficiently

Is a hybrid approach to data protection right for your organization? Find out in this webcast.

Lots of good stuff around replicating DPM 2010 data to the Iron Mountain cloud – so I hope that you’ll check it out or learn more at www.microsoft.com/DPM/cloud.

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