DPM 2010 Appliance from i365

Learn more about the i365 appliance for DPM 2010 Check out the new microsoft.com/DPM

One of the announcements made at MMS 2010 last week was from i365, a Seagate company, who announced a DPM 2010 appliance.

The i365 appliance, called the EVault for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager or EDPM for short. 

i365 DPM 2010 solution diagram

Here are few cool things about the EDPM appliance:

1)  Take it out of the box and start protecting your data.  Often, first-time users of DPM ask me “what kind of machine should I use for DPM 2010?”   A data protection appliance solves that customer need by delivering a pre-configured device that already has the right metal (this one from Dell) … and the Windows OS … and the backup software (DPM 2010) preinstalled.

2)  It offers protection for heterogeneous environments.  Yes, you heard me right.  This appliance not only includes DPM 2010 for protecting Windows platforms, but also the EVault technology for protecting non-Windows platforms.  And as a very cool aside, the smart folks at i365 are delivering a unified console so that you can monitor both protection solution components from a single UI.  That is cool !!

3)  Your data is not only protected on-premise with the EDPM appliance… but also off-site to the i365 cloud.

So, there are lots of things to be excited about with the DPM 2010 appliance from i365

Lauren Whitehouse, over at the Enterprise Storage Group, recently blogged about the DPM 2010 release and the i365 partnership.  You can read Lauren’s blog post on DPM 2010, but an excerpt includes:

i365 is delivering an all-in-one hardware-software-cloud solution: EVault for System Center Data Protection Manager (EDPM). The Dell server ships with both Microsoft DPM and Evault backup software accessed via a single user interface and with a unified policy engine. Why both? Since DPM is limited to protecting Microsoft’s operating system, hypervisor, and applications, EDPM allows Microsoft to address a wider audience—including Linux, UNIX, NetWare, IBM i, VMware, and Oracle users. Optionally, the EDPM storage can be replicated to the i365 cloud—creating a more economically-feasible DR copy for mid-market and small enterprise companies.

And if that wasn’t enough goodness … or if you just want to start your day with a smile, check out this clever i365 video about Premise-based and Cloud-based protection.

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