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I’ve been with MS for 4.5 years now, having come from some smaller data protection companies like Double-Take and Cheyenne (now part of CA).  In those organizations, I always took pride in the personal level of commitment that each one of us had with our customers. 

One of my happy surprises with joining a larger company (Microsoft) is that same sense of personal ownership and commitment that our support and field teams have for each of our customers.InfoWorld

Last week, an consultant was deploying DPM 2007 SP1 for a non-profit company, when something went wrong and it appeared that data was lost.   Shortly after finding out about it, we had folks in multiple time zones who were ready to help, including product group folks, as well as few of our most senior escalation engineers in DPM’s customer support team.

Am very proud to say that the DPM support team saved the day, particularly Michael and Thomas, who are among the rock stars in the DPM support team.  You can read more about our support organization, and this particular story, in J. Peter Bruzzese’s InfoWorld post.


Peter – glad we could help!

Michael & Thomas – way to go!

Everyone else, thanks for reading…

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