Frustrated with Backup and Management? Don’t bang your head into the wall.

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David Mills, another Product Manager in System Center, recently recorded this video.

I will confess that David is my wingman for almost everything that I am doing in System Center this year, so I especially like the actual head-banging.  I may actually just take those few seconds and make it an infinite loop that could play on my Windows Mobile phone.  There are certainly days that I have similar instincts.

David has a great grasp of what pains the IT guy in midsized organizations.  So, if you haven’t yet, check out some of David’s less graphical tidbits of wisdom:

David on Twitter –

David on BIEB –

In fact, the only thing that I have a question about (and am pretty sure that David got wrong) is that I didn’t think that IT Budgets in midsized businesses had funding for helmets.

Thanks for reading … and Happy Monday.

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