DPM and I are headed down under … to TechEd Australia and New Zealand

With a big Texas “Howdy” coming out to all of the Aussies and New Zealanders in the house!

If you are interested in backing up your Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows file or Hyper-V environments, then you ought to be looking at System Center Data Protection Manager.

And if you are attending Microsoft TechEd in either country – then please come talk to me about DPM !!  To see about meeting 1:1 onsite during the events, as well as while I am in Sydney on Sept. 17-18, please email me.

In both venues, I have two DPM speaking sessions:

How to protect and recover applications with DPM 2007

In this talk, we drill into how Data Protection Manager really uses VSS and transactional log backups — as well as learn more specifically how data protection is achieved for each of the core workloads, including: SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, and Virtualization.

      TE AU MGT 302 – Sept. 9 @ 15:30 – meeting room 5

      TE NZ SVR 307 – Sept. 15 @ 14:20 – NZ room 1

Disaster Recovery and Advanced Scenarios with DPM 2007

In this session we discuss features not previously demonstrated for this product, including Disaster Recovery scenarios, command-line control of Data Protection Manager 2007 through PowerShell, deployment and monitoring through other System Center products, and bare metal recovery of production servers using the Data Protection Manager System Recovery Tool (SRT).

      TE AU MGT 303 – Sept. 10 @ 09:45 – meeting room 5

      TE NZ SVR 312 – Sept. 16 @ 09:00 – NZ room 1

Suggested pre-watching

If you are able to attend, these sessions are parts 2 and 3 of a three-part series that I’ve done on DPM 2007 SP1.  The first part is around installation and configuration of the DPM server itself.  If you haven’t installed DPM, you are absolutely encouraged to come to these sessions – but may want to watch the video of part one, first.

TechNet Video From Tech-Ed 2008 US- Technical Introduction to DPM 2007 

DPM 2010 (v3) beta

And as we are just a few weeks from beta – a good glass of wine or coffee will probably get me talking about everything that you will see in the next generation of Data Protection Manager.

As always, thanks for reading.

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