Fun and Free Xbox Arcade game — Dash of Destruction

Doritos-DashOfDestructionAdd a Dash of Giggles

Another Dash of Loud Laughter

Plus a Dash of "No, don’t eat my truck with your dinosaur"

That’s how you get a "Dash of Destruction" — and now you know what my house has sounded like since my sons and I downloaded this free Xbox Arcade title from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Doritos ran a game designing contest, and this was the winner – submitted by Mike Borland, a medical software programmer.  Evidently, this also shows the power of the building your own games with Xbox’s development tools (cool, eh?).  You can also check out ‘behind the scenes’ of the game and the Doritos promotion at  


In the game, you can be either a Tyrannosaurus Rex or drive a Doritos delivery truck

As a T-Rex, you can plow through buildings as you chase the delivery trucks

As a truck, you run around hotspots picking up Doritos, while avoiding the dinosaurs who are chasing you.

There are probably some profound parenting lessons in this around the truck being faster and more nimble, though the T-Rex is much bigger and stronger.  But so far, I am just enjoying being Godzilla-like and chasing my kids.  And like the commercial says, "you can’t eat just one".

Its good for an easy 150 or so achievement points.  The full 200 points is a little tougher (though one of my gamer sons has done it, while his brother and I haven’t yet).

And if you have kids who are getting a little stir-crazy during the cold days of their Christmas break, it also includes a multiplayer mode where 4 people on the same console can each choose to be either T-Rex’s or Trucks — and chase each other.


To the kind folks at Doritos and their parent company, Frito-LayTHANK YOU for some innovative marketing and a fun little game!   By the way, how about a way to to register your gamertag to show you completed the full 200 points — and receive a coupon for a free bag of chips?   You get some opt-in mailings, and we get free food?   (cuz’ so many Doritos executives read my blog ?)

To the rest of you, please go buy an extra bag of chips.  And in case you are ever asked why, mention this game so that they might promote another gaming contest.  (it could happen)

As always, thanks for reading…

PS> gratuitous and obligatory thanks to my gamer buddy, Matt Hester, for letting me know about this game.

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