What would you ask the DPM developers ?


In just a few weeks, I am flying to India to visit with the parts of the DPM Development Team that are based in Hyderabad.

Am excited about this trip for a few reasons:

1)  I’ve never been to India

2)  We are going to connect around the final feature set for DPM 2007 Service Pack 1.   I’ve already seen product demo’s and listened to feature briefings, but this is my chance to really get deep with the some of the folks to are building the features themselves, face to face, and chew on the new features and functions.

3)  As the developers have been rolling off of DPM 2007 Service Pack 1 … and on to DPM v3 … this is my first chance to get deep with the very cool stuff being built for DPM v3.

So, it ought to be an amazing trip — and I want to take some of you with me.

I’m bringing a camcorder and am planning on interviewing several of the Hyderabad DPM folks – to let you guys see the faces and hear the thoughts of how our development team is thinking about the future of DPM.   I will stream the interviews as podcasts from this blog or the DPM Product Team blog – hopefully one per week, starting in September.

Please post your questions as ‘comments’ to this blog post — or send them to me in email at the link on this blog.

So, other than “what is the roadmap?” … What would you like to hear from my friends in India?

As always, thanks for reading…

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