XBOX DAD post — the power of Windows Home Server with an Xbox 360

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As you may have seen in some of my other gaming posts, I love it when my favorite things overlap – e.g. Star Wars and Video Games.

In this month’s Xbox Dad article, my Windows Home Server hooked up with my Xbox360 and effect was beautiful (literally), as my family photos and video, along with my CD collection are now streaming through my favorite HDTV and stereo system.

And to make even things better — the folks at Windows Home Server are also getting ready to beta their Power Pack 1 – featuring among other things, backup of the WHS data.

As a ‘data protection guy’ — backup was the first thing that I noticed was missing from WHS, but later realized it was one of the only things missing from my home server – the other being 64-bit client support for my Vista machine.  Am happy to say that both are included in PP1, with other goodness as well.WHS_HP_mediasmartserver

If you are a Windows Home Server already, make sure to watch for the beta announce.

If not, why not?  If you have a digital camera or an digital audio collection with more than one PC in the house and/or an Xbox360, then WHS has some very cool capabilities for you. 

Check out the XboxDad article for more info.

Stay tuned and I will continue to share my experiences with Power Pack 1 and the rest of WHS.

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