What do the Fantastic Four, Harry Potter and DPM 2007 have in common ?

Answer – I wrote about all of them today.  But since I am publishing in different places, I am posting a set of links for those that are interested.

The topics are varied, so please read or ignore as you see fit.  🙂

XBOX DAD - Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer


Recommendation for the Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer

In my family, we have a surprisingly well-aligned Fantastic Four team:

  • My seven-year-old is a bruiser of a gamer, always in the thick of the action—The Thing—he just runs in and pounds on stuff.
  • My nine-year-old is learning the finer points of special powers and abilities within gaming and is often just outside of the center of the fray—Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards.
  • I am a Human Torch … and I play him in the game, too. 🙂
  • And the Invisible Woman is played by either the Xbox 360® or my wife (with daughter “helping”).  Get it? Our fourth player isn’t always visible?
Harry Potter

Jason’s Personal Space

I used to be prejudiced … against sorcerers and witchcraft

Yes, I admit it. I had pre-judged something, based on hearsay and fragments of information – specifically, the unsuitability of Harry Potter for children.

Not that many years ago, when the Harry Potter series was reaching fervor, I had conjectured and decided that it would never be suitable for my kids to be exposed to that. As I write the words, I know how boneheaded they must appear – and I agree. Most pre-judging and assuming, when looked at in hindsight, is boneheaded.

And then I read the book …

eWeek_Channel_Insider_Product_of_the_Year_networking_storage Data Protection Manager 2007

eWeek Channel Insider awards silver in Product of the Year 2008

Today, DPM 2007 was awarded silver in the Storage Management category for this year’s awards.

The winners were chosen by a select group of solution providers, and their picks reveal what the channel values most. Value. Support. Profit potential. The winner’s list– broken into five categories: Business Software, Security, Utility Software and Systems, Clients and Peripherals, Networking and Storage–serves as a roadmap for products that should be on every VAR’s roster.  

I love this product — and our sincere thanks for all of the Microsoft Partners who voted for DPM.

 As always … thanks for reading …

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