I am an Xbox Dad !

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that the only thing I enjoy more than Data Protection and storage technologies is gaming — and specifically family gaming is an area that I think is less covered than it should be.

Well, the kind folks over at XBOX.com, specifically Trixie and Duncan (the real Xbox Dad columnist), have been kind enough to let me contribute to the Xbox Dad column on family-friendly gaming.

My first article posted yesterday:


Xbox Dad family gaming column

(not my picture — obviously)

I have a few more articles already queued up, some based on game titles that I have previously blogged here (but expanded for the Xbox.com articles)… and my new Xbox360 gaming recommendations will appear there, as often as they let me — currently every other Wednesday for the next few editions.

If you have suggestions on family games that need some love from Xbox Dad, please comment to this blog — give me ideas to keep this going !!!

Huge thanks to Duncan Mackenzie for sharing his column – and Trixie the editor for the opportunity.  If you find my gaming info useful, please let me or Trixie know…

PS> I guess that means I’ll have to start blogging about backup more often again.  🙂

thanks for reading

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