Webcast — what is coming next for DPM 2007 ?

Data Protectoin Manager 2007

Its been about 6 months since DPM 2007 became generally available in the market, so we starting to hear the question “What’s next for Data Protection Manager 2007?”

Please join us on Wednesday, April 23rd for a TechNet webcast to answer that question, as we talk about new workloads being protected, new capabilities within the product and when you can start taking advantage of them.

Webcast: Upcoming Changes to Data Protection Manager 2007 (Level 200);

Wednesday, April 23, 2008; 8:00AM Pacific Time

We will also have members of the product group addressing Q&A throughout the webcast, to answer your deep-dive questions about the existing DPM 2007, as well as our upcoming enhancements.

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