Game Recommendation – Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

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Scene It? LCA controllers for Xbox 360My wife and I recently unwrapped one of my Christmas presents to ourselves – the Scene It?  Lights, Camera, Action game for Xbox 360.  And the only complaint we had was that we wished we had opened it sooner.

The kit comes with four controllers, each featuring a big button for fast “buzz-in”, as well as traditional A, B, X and Y buttons for choosing your answers – and Back/Start and the Xbox circle.  They are infrared instead of radio-based, so the kit also includes an infra-red receiver and a long USB cable.  In my setup, I connected the USB to one of my back ports and have left it plugged in.

So, plug in the cable/IR header, bring up the game — and you are ready to go!  

Scene It? LCA really is a great game for parties where you and your spouse have invited a few couples over — and saying “Hey, let’s all play Halo” might not be appropriate.  Very accessible to most skill levels, as long as you occasionally have visited a movie theatre every few months, or watch DVDs periodically.

SceneIt The game plays similar to the DVD editions that have made the Scene It! franchise so popular – with one very cool exception that is worth noting.  Unlike a DVD which has no memory, the Xbox360 edition remembers what questions have been asked to whom — so that you don’t get repeats for an unfair advantage. 

I presume that if you really wanted to cheat on your friends and family, you could delete the saved games files and get the opportunity for repeats – but geez, if you have to win that badly, just play with yourself – don’t invite friends.

And with the big buttons, it’s hands down more fun and more fair than everyone yelling out the answer during a DVD edition. 

I am a movie nut, have been my whole life – so in about 8-10 complete games (approximately an hour each), I’ve earned about 700 Achievement Points.  The rest start getting harder, although there are achievements for answering enough questions in different genre’s (e.g. Comedy, Sci-Fi) and generations (e.g. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s).  So persistence will happily keep awarding minor achievements as you simply continue to play.

My wife is famous for having started as many movies as I have since we’ve been married, but has finished less than half of them – since she often falls asleep.  But she is faster on the buzzer and some of the game types – and has chalked up an impressive 500 or so achievements.

So, please — go try it out, if for no other reason than so that it will be a landslide success and the Scene It folks will produce their other titles on the Xbox 360 style as well.  (mostly kidding).

But seriously, it really is accessible to all movie knowledge levels — and ought to be fun for even the non-gamer, but could be point rewarding for the avid gamer.  And on your next evening get together, it may just be the excuse you need for an Xbox360 in your living room. 

For more excuses on getting an Xbox360 in your living room, check out my blog posts on Windows Home Server, which has truly made my Living Room Xbox a media center for our family.

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