My Xbox 360 has its own blog

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Everybody is blogging.

I’ve been blogging myself (here) at Microsoft for almost a year — with my sincere thanks to all of you who read this.

Recently, I started contributing to some larger blogs within Microsoft, including:

SYSTEM CENTERthe family of management products from Microsoft that DPM is part of

WINDOWS SERVERwhich totally trips me out, and feeds my ego as a big dawg

Later this month, I will help launch our new STORAGE blog – the new voice around Microsoft Storage technologies

And as part of my personal life, I’ve started occasionally blogging on in the rest of my world at my space on


Well, now, my Xbox 360 has it’s own blog … and I truly laugh every time I read it. is a website that sets up a blog based on your GamerTag – and posts a daily blog as the voice of your Xbox 360.

You don’t have to do anything other than register your tag, but the results are really funny.

Every night, will check your GamerTag for new achievements or games played, and writes a little post from its perspective.

On the left sidebar of this blog, you can now read yesterday’s post from my 360.  Or click here, to see all of my 360’s posts.


To me, the funniest part was that right after I registered, about two weeks ago — I had to go out of town for several days.  So, every day that I was gone, my Xbox whined and moaned that nobody played any games.  If you want a short geek laugh, check it out.

And your Xbox is not alone.  Other machines are blogging too.  The last Windows Server 2003 machine at has his own blog too.  Another great example of a pity party by a piece of technology (though not quite as funny as my lonely Xbox last week – but close).


So, if you have an Xbox 360 (doesn’t everyone?) — go register your tag, and let the chuckles begin. 


Xbox360’s of the world, you now have a voice !!!

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