How to protect SharePoint with DPM2007 — new podcast


Happy Monday, everyone.

As promised, I am trying to be more frequent (weekly) with these posts – and hopefully add a lot more streaming-video on common questions.

Because DPM 2007 really protects and recovers data in ways that archaic backup mechanisms don’t, I hear quite a few “short question / long answer” queries … meaning that you ask “how does it work?” and the answer takes a few paragraphs and a couple pictures.  It’s cool stuff, but not always best understood within a FAQ document.

For this week’s post, I recently recorded a video overview on how DPM 2007 protects SharePoint.  It’s about 20 minutes long and gives an overview of the key relevant points on DPM 2007 in regard to SharePoint, along with demonstrations on protecting and recovering SharePoint data.

Click here to watch streaming video – How does DPM 2007 protect SharePoint

The next topics that I am working on are:

  • How to do Disaster Recovery with DPM2007
  • Hands-On with iSCSI and Windows Unified Data Storage Server (WUDSS)

Please tell me what you are interested in around Data Protection (or Windows Storage in general) … and I will try to add them to my queue.

Thanks for reading/watching — and have a great week.

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