HEROES happen here

In case you are of the very few IT professionals who haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has an exciting launch coming up next month:

Windows Server 2008

SQL Server 2008

Visual Studio 2008

And I am very jazzed to get to attend the global launch event on February 27, 2008 in Los Angeles — manning the File & Storage booth and/or the DPM booth in the pavilion.

 Jason - on Heroes Happen Here portrait gallery

The main theme for the launch is "Heroes Happen Here" – recognizing that what IT Pro’s do in enabling other people (and fighting fires to eliminate lost productivity) makes all of us IT geeks as heroes.  Maybe not spandex and mask heroes, but heroes just the same.  🙂


There is a very cool launch site, HeroesHappenHere.com, that lets you register for a local launch event near you, find out more about the what is going on, etc. 

There is also an IT Pro "Hero" comic which will tell the adventures of IT Pro heroes everywhere.

And my favorite part is where you can click on "COOL STUFF" and then "SHARE YOUR STORY" to go to the Heroes Portrait Gallery.

You can find me or my favorite hero, Data Protection Man.

Try it out — tell us your story … or comment on mine … or DPM-man’s

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