Go make a Snowflake – and other Christmas gadgets worth checking out

I love the Internet gadgets that come out around the holidays.  My favorite so far has to be the "Go Elf Yourself" from OfficeMax… where you insert your own headshots on little elf bodies and they dance for you.  It will literally have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Here are my three kids, elf’d.

My Kids as Elves  ScroogeYourself

You can also "Scrooge Yourself" from OfficeMax, as well.

If you don’t see yourself as ‘Scrooge’ during the season that celebrates Chirst’s birth, you might take the opportunity to put one of your co-workers’ faces in the place of Ebenezer.

I will warn you that the OfficeMax webservers seem as busy today as ‘OfficeMax on the day after Thanksgiving’ – so new posts will be sluggish.  But forgiving that, it really is cleaver.

On behalf of office workers everywhere, who should be working on the Friday before Christmas but are instead surfing the Internet, "Thanks OfficeMax, for one of the best laughs of the season".  And for my next toner or school supplies purchase, I will drive past my local Staples to the not quite as nearby OfficeMax- because I like supporting companies that do cool stuff like this.  Whew knew that office supplies could be so fun?!


This last one is not only cool — and serves a great cause — the Make A Wish Foundation.

Last night, my family and I this from American Airlines.


Its a sound mixer – where you can add instruments to a Christmas melody, and as you add adjust each bar, your custom snowflake crystals appear, grow and spin.

It’s a cool gadget — fun for snowflake architects and music mixers — and afterwards, it gives you an opportunity to donate airmiles to the Make A Wish Foundation to enable someone else’s Christmas wish to come true.  Definitely a worthwhile cause, particularly when giving something so easy like frequent flyer miles that you’ll never miss.

Now we know why no two snowflakes are alike.  Every angel in Heaven has their own musical tastes.

Merry Christmas to you and yours…


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