DPM 2007 Launch – Day 5 – we are launched!

We are done … and so am I.

I have three more speaking slots to do today and, as the saying goes, "I am leaving it all on the field."


MGT18-IS – Advanced Features of DPM 2007 – Interactive Q&A

After a few sleep-deprived nights, we are starting today with a "Everything else we you haven’t heard about yet" (hopefully, the sarcasm and pain is coming through).  After four days of sessions and booth conversation, we had a pretty good read on the hot topics yet to be addressed with DPM, so Karandeep and I did an interactive version of the TechNet webcast material from last month.  It wasn’t planned that way, but we needed slides for most of the deeper questions.  If you want to hear the similar content, check out last month’s webcast:

TechNet Webcast – Advanced Features of DPM 2007


MGT01-ILL – How to protect Exchange Server with DPM 2007 – instructor led lab (repeat)

Due to great pre-registration of the first session, we repeated this session.  Admittedly, I was starting to fade, so I convinced Karandeep to stick around.  And as the session had lots of familiar faces from the week’s earlier breakouts and Q&A’s, we had lots of folks with lots of interest in putting their hands on it and ask some tough questions that were within and outside the lab’s topic.

FYI>  When IT Forum is over and we have recovered from Launch Week, my intent is to post the lab’s on TechNet’s vLab portal, so folks at home can try the labs themselves.  Look for the link on the DPM homepage and a blog post (eta December/January).


SRV11-IS – Data Protection and Virtualization – interactive Q&A (repeat)

Also back by popular demand, Edwin Yuen and I repeated this session.  Admittedly, it was the last session on the last day of a very full week, so attendance was somewhat lack-luster.  But the session went well and now we are done.


Final score for Day 5 – the last day

Up by 7AM – onsite by 8:30.  Taught three sessions – and headed to the airport.  An overnight connection in Paris and I’ll be home on Saturday afternoon.



I hope you enjoyed these daily blog’s.  I did them for a few reasons:

FOR ME – DPM has been a 23 month journey and I wanted to chronicle it.  As I’ve shared before, my family and I made some significant life changes to join Microsoft – and for me, it was about this particular product.  Other doors are opening for me, but these first two years culminate with this week.

FOR MY DPM TEAMMATES – particularly for the amazing DPM development team and the others at Microsoft who are devoted to this product.  Hopefully, through these posts, you have experienced some of the excitement that occurred during launch week.  You’ve built a phenomenal product that customers and partners all seem to agree meets or exceeds their needs.  This Microsoft backup solution for Microsoft workloads will change the way that the world backs up and recovers data in Windows environments, so you should be proud of what you accomplished – and launched this week.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE – Along with the excitement and some technical insight in the product, I hope you enjoyed a behind the scenes look at what goes into a product launch from Microsoft.  DPM compared to Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server is small but still significant.  I can only imagine what an inside look inside the upcoming Windows Server launch would look like.  Maybe I’ll do that someday.  In the meantime, look for more technical, partner-centric and/or customer success stories from DPM’s bloggers as we move ahead.  

Thanks for reading

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