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Backup as a service isn’t for everyone

Having spent 25 years in data protection, with several early years in channel and field-sales roles, I’ve noticed three common things that backup vendors don’t seem to realize about channel partners.

1. Not every VAR/SI should become a backup service provider

Some vendors assume that they can help every one of their partners become backup […]

Tape backup, cloud-based backups make sense for your organization

Over the last several years, many organizations have at least partially transitioned from writing backups to local tape libraries to creating cloud-based backups. One of the primary obstacles that organizations may encounter along the way is that many of the major backup applications are designed to either work with virtual tape libraries or with proprietary, […]

Virtual machine backups remedy outdated legacy backups

Increasing your use of server virtualization is one of the easiest ways to prove that your backup process is antiquated. In other words:

If 20% of your server infrastructure is virtualized, you may be able to use any approach to virtual machine (VM) backups that you want, including agents inside each VM and a backup […]

Take a hybrid approach to your data protection plan

When developing a data protection plan, IT teams should take a hybrid approach to on-site and off-site protection that uses disk, cloud and tape in almost every scenario. Sure, some organizations can go without tape due to a lack of long-term retention requirements, while others will never be able touse the cloud for one security […]

Tape still critical in any data archiving strategy

The rumors of tape’s demise are greatly exaggerated and have been ever since disk companies started predicting the end of tape (which hasn’t happened yet, and is unlikely to anytime soon).

A recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research report found that tape is still in use in 56% of organizations. In general, the larger the […]

Why copy data management matters

Why does copy data management matter? Because you need better data protection than you have and you can’t afford to move forward with your current protection based on how the business is scaling.

Operationally, production storage is growing at approximately 40% annually, as is secondary protection storage. Sure, you get some deduplication benefits, but the […]

The economics of enterprise data protection

Organizations of all sizes have been looking for better ways to protect their data. In some cases, they do so because existing backup solutions are broken, antiquated, cumbersome or not scaling to support the production environment adequately. In other cases, an organization is simply trying to improve what it’s doing incrementally, based on economic considerations […]

Kickstart your IT disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery planning can mean a lot of different things and that’s a key point to remember; your organization’s DR plan should be tailored to its specific needs. In other words, an IT DR plan for a middle school will be very different from that of a hospital. This Drill Down offers information for organizations […]

Dealing with endpoint data protection issues

Perhaps one of the least-expected IT revolutions is the decentralization of data among endpoint devices. After decades of IT delivering consolidated infrastructure platforms (servers), data is becoming increasingly distributed as end users demand increasing flexibility in the devices that they use in their workplace. “Endpoint” should not be confused with “BYOD,” as today’s endpoint devices […]

How cloud and virtualization are changing disaster recovery

It is impossible to have an IT modernization discussion that doesn’t include the cloud, but the details beyond that will vary greatly:

Some will replace their legacy backup product with a backup service. Some should supplement their current backup product with cloud storage. Some ought to add a cloud-based DR capability to their on-premises backup […]

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