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Gold standard of data protection methods goes through sea of change

Not too long ago, the gold standard for protecting organizational data involved using a disk-to-disk-to-tape process. First, a copy of production data went to secondary disk to expedite rapid recovery if needed, and then the data went to tape for long-term retention. Previously, some organizations used only tape, and a few moved to using only […]

Enterprise data protection strategy requires evolution

Most organizations supplement traditional backup with some combination of snapshots, replication and archiving to achieve more comprehensive data protection. They are using what we at ESG refer to as the Spectrum of Data Protection.

Innovative data protection vendors, meanwhile, are constantly reacting to the changing IT landscape in their attempts to give their customers and […]

Tape capacity, technology continue to advance

Though some folks mistakenly view tape as an outdated technology — thanks in no small part to the fact that disk companies keep predicting its demise — there’s no denying its importance at the table of backup products. A recent Enterprise Strategy Group report indicates that 56% of organizations are still using tape. Perhaps not […]

Enterprise data protection strategy needs archive, backup

Anyone who truly requires long-term data retention probably already understands the realities of what modern tape offers — and not the marketing fear, uncertainty and doubt from 20 years ago. Which is why, with its speed, error-protection, durability, functionality (e.g., Linear Tape File System) and economics, tape continues to earn a place in the enterprise […]

Now’s the time to virtualize backup deduplication

With so much great work being done in converged infrastructure and hyper-converged appliances, many users are getting to the point that the only boxes with blinky lights that they want to see on their floor are those converged infrastructure (CI)/hyper-converged appliance (HC) platforms, since everything else is running inside those bundles.

But one of the […]

Mix and match data protection methods

There’s a debate going on about data protection methods right now, and it centers on “disk, tape or cloud.” Of course, cloud is a delivery mechanism, not a medium, and cloud providers are using disk and near-line tape, too.

But what kinds of media and architectures are organizations really using for backup? According to ESG […]

Are cloud storage gateways the new virtual tape library?

There are a myriad of data protection appliances available, many of which defy the early definition of a purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA). Today, there are at least four types of data protection appliances:

(Real) backup appliances: Includes both the backup engine and some amount of storage. Storage/Deduplication appliances: Target devices that are fed by backup/archive […]

Corporate data protection poses same challenges as BYOD

These days, IT no longer has the same influence over what laptop, tablet or smartphone users choose. In the age of BYOD, IT must accommodate for the devices that users prefer. I call this phenomenon “the audacity of BYOD.”

Data protection is heading down a similar path. Today, the backup administrator is no longer the […]

ROBO backup necessary for ample corporate data protection

Corporate data needs to be protected to a corporate standard, even if the servers don’t reside within corporate data center walls. There are three locations where data might reside within your environment: data centers, endpoint devices and remote office or branch offices (ROBO) data. In general, we might make two over-simplistic recommendations:

Data center servers […]

Backing up virtual machines doesn’t have to hurt

Backing up virtual servers was a serious challenge for a number of years. Even today, many shops use traditional, agent-based backup to protect virtual servers. But it’s a classic example of something working well until it doesn’t. Virtual server backup has a threshold of sorts. If you just need to protect a few, or even […]

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